Veterinary Jobs in Michigan Are Waiting For You.

If you’re looking for a new veterinary adventure in Michigan, we should be at the top of your contact list.

Michigan is home to a number of sugar-sand beaches, vibrantly colored forests, and beautifully eclectic small towns. From the multitude of dog-friendly locales to an astonishing array of pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, hiking trails, and a parade with dogs in costumes, it’s the perfect destination for you and your dog!

If you’ve been looking for a change, a veterinary career in Michigan may be right up your alley!

Are we compatible?
Do we have an uncommon amount in common?

You’ve created a business with your own culture, personality, and style. We’ve done the same. Both have proven to be successful. Both are valid. Neither should cancel out the other. Neither should dominate. Instead, let’s find out if the two can be happily and ever-so-naturally merged! We’ll start by saying that we firmly believe that behaviors are values in action. As our AmeriVet team moves from concept to execution, each of us understands that we are working toward our mission every single hour of every single day.

Okay. That’s the theory. Now let’s talk reality. There are six ‘behaviors’ that are all about practicing what we preach:




Status quo is a status “no.” While effort is appreciated, we reward and celebrate results. We applaud those who set big, bold goals and achieve them




It’s simple. Be the person you would want to work with and respect others. Trust that your teammates are working toward the same goal, even if their approach is different than yours.



Find solutions and don’t point fingers. Learn from the past, but don’t dwell on it. Find a path forward and always stay above the line.


(be accountable)


Be accountable for your actions. Put your brainpower to work and look for the “how” instead of the “can’t.” Show initiative and be resourceful.


(keep moving forward)


Forward motion creates change. Look to the future and know that it’s okay to move quickly. Be willing to do what it takes to get the job done… plus a little bit more


(think ‘we,’ not ‘them’)


Think “we,” not us and them. When we share the same goals, our partners win and we win – and a shared success feels better.

To get into the nitty-gritty of each of these, just click on the icons. Then ask yourself: Are we more alike than different? Only you can answer that question. And we look forward to the possibility of finding out!

Do you want a COMMUNITY along with a career?

AmeriVet is growing exponentially. That means careers, are too, along with opportunities for networking, collaboration, personal growth, and culture-building with AmeriVet teams across the country. This is because we’re all connected by an online portal. Along with a love for pets, of course!


  • Connect with more than 1300 team members
  • See what’s happening at practices nationwide
  • Explore our corporate culture and participate in fun weekly initiatives like #MugshotMonday

Do you believe an EDUCATION should never really end?

If you do, that’s perfect. Because we want our team to be the best veterinary professionals in the industry. And that means a commitment to never stop learning. We make it a point to give our team opportunities to join industry associations, attend continuing education courses and conferences, and keep up-to-date with the latest developments in veterinary medicine. You’ll be learning and loving it!

If you’re a new vet, is DEVELOPMENT on your high-priority list?

AmeriVet can help you move forward, faster. We’re committed to developing those who join our team and giving them the tools and experience they need to succeed. We provide weekly CE courses, a ‘new doctor’ training program, and a mentorship program—among other valuable resources. It’s because we want you to succeed as much as you do!

Excellence on the job earns—and deserves—excellence in BENEFITS.

In addition to a competitive salary, we offer 401 (K) PLANS, medical, dental, and vision insurance, paid time off—and more. Our recruitment team will be happy to fill you in on all the details.


What Are the Pros and Cons of Being a Vet in Michigan?

When considering whether to move to an area, it’s always wise to ensure the pros outweigh the cons. And with such a beautiful state as Michigan, it’s likely to turn out favorably.

One major pro of working as a veterinarian in Michigan is that many clinics are currently focusing on increasing workplace culture and work-life balance for their staff. And revenue across the veterinarian industry has increased by over 10%. With care toward creating sustainable work life and increasing profits, it’s a great time to be a vet in the state.

Not to mention all that Michigan has to offer: thousands of miles of gorgeous shoreline, great outdoor activities, and on top of it all, a reasonable cost of living. The primary con of the state, though, is the long, hard winter. But with the proper attire and ample candlelight, you can handle those dark, card days.

Is There a High Demand for Vets in Michigan?

Absolutely! Just flip through a recent edition of The Michigan Veterinarian quarterly magazine, and you’ll find nearly ten pages of classified ads seeking qualified veterinarians. The state is eagerly looking for qualified vets like you!

With all Michigan has to offer—its beauty, quality of life, and access to vibrant cities and quaint towns—it’s a great place to work as a veterinarian.

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