You’re picky about who’s on your team.
We’re just as picky about who’s on ours.

It’s not too often that you’ll come across a company that prides itself on hiring people who love animals. But that’s part of the job description of every single member of our team at AmeriVet. They have other valuable skills and areas of expertise, of course! And they’re ready to put those to work for you—while you take care of the animals and the animal-lovers in your practice. (And yes, before you ask, these pet photoshoots were pretty much a zoo).

Alan Arnstein

Vice President,
Business Development – West Coast

Ryan Ballard with Gus

Vice President,
Business Development – Midwest

Louis DelGiudice, DVM with Avery

National ER & Urgent Care Clinical Manager

Jayson Dickerman with P.J.

Executive Vice President,
Business Development

Greg Doss with Karla

Director of Recruiting

Julianne Evenhus with Groot

Senior Operations Director

Calah Flores with Bethany

Senior Operations Coordinator

Chris Flowers with Opie

Chief Operating Officer

Mairim Gersholowitz with Fiona

Vice President of People & Culture

Bernetta Gethers with Mugzey

Northeast Recruiter

Sophie Giddings with Teddy

Senior Marketing Coordinator

Riley Groves with Bella

Operations Director

Gregory Guetzloe with Bogie

Director of Human Resources & Payroll

Sara Hicks with Bo

Marketing Director

Brian Hurley, DVM with Rocky

National Medical Director

Joy Jones with Truly

Accounting Manager

Whitney Kaiser with Dally

Area Manager

Dieter Karkut with Remi

Director, Information Technology

Christopher Kwilecki with Mumford

Vice President,
Business Development – Southeast

David Liss with Brut

Operations Director

Lisa Loscalzo with Mazie

Senior Operations Director

Kenneth Merrell with Gyro

Senior Operations Director

Jalan Moharam with Lolo

Senior Director of Operations Strategy

Christine Myers with Dash

Operations Director

Christy Orejudos

Operations Director

Nico Pierre

Operations Director

Amanda Proud with Ragnar

Operations Director

Kaylin Richerson with Vinny

Operations Strategy Manager

Roddy Riddles with Tater

Director, Business Development – Southwest

Shawn Rodricks with Audi

Vice President, Corporate Development

Allison Rommell with Pepperoni

West Coast Recruiter

Erin Rooney with Brady

Vice President, Corporate Partnerships & Business Development – New England

Caitlin Saucier with Charlie

Senior Director of Integrations

Keri Schiller with Leia

Vice President, Business Development – Mid Atlantic

Joseph Shikorsky with Tex

Chief Financial Officer

Ed Skurkovich with Watson

Senior Operations Director

Christina Slay with Panda

Midwest Recruiter

Alan Spalten with Augustus


Clayton Stanley with Charley

Executive Vice President,
Corporate Development

Heather Tarmey with Charlie Girl

Operations Director

Thomas Thill with Ace

Chief Executive Officer

John Tomko with Micah

Human Resources – Strategy

Max Truesdel with Ziggy

Vice President,
Business Development – Mountain West

Samantha Uresti with Mimosa

Event Coordinator

Timothy Vance with Donny

Analyst, Corporate Development

Ashleigh Webb with Mickey

Human Resources Specialist

Nate Wells with Sweetie

Senior Operations Director

Janine Youngblood with Kyra

Operations Director

Vlad Zabadayev with Avery

Director of Corporate Development