Why Us?

The AmeriVet Veterinary Partner business model is unique in the industry. We are not interested in “sellers” or owners who are looking to exit today. We are looking for true veterinary partners who want to be part of something bigger and are 5 to 10 years away from retirement (or exit).

Unique Acquisition Model

We offer a unique opportunity for Veterinary Partners to sell a portion of their business today, continue to control the day to day operations of their business, earn a salary, receive profit sharing and still participate in the upside when they ultimately exit the business. In other words, our Veterinary Partners are able to maximize their net proceeds they receive from the sale of their business with the help of a true partner.

Cash Payment

Veterinary Partners are able to lock in a valuation multiple today, take some chips off the table (in the form of cash) and continue to operate their businesses as they always have.

Enhanced Profitability

For Veterinary Partners looking to grow and enhance their profitability, we can help. Our marketing and operational best practices can be leveraged to enhance the profitability (and ultimate value) of Veterinary Partner practices. Although never mandatory, Veterinary Partners are able to pick and choose value enhancing tools that can benefit their practices.

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