Why us?
Why now?

Justie Reimann, DVM, David Zanders, DVM, John Becarri, DVM, and Carolyn Neilson, DVM

Academy Animal Hospital

How does our business model benefit you?

If you’ve read or watched any other section on this website, you already know that AmeriVet’s business model is distinctly different. It stands out in the industry. We don’t dominate, we appreciate what you’ve accomplished. Our mission is to help you and support you with the business side of your practice. Which means you’ll be able to concentrate on the care of what’s most important to you: those fur babies.

We want to be very, very clear here: We’re not interested in those who simply want to sell and exit ASAP. We’re looking for true veterinary partners who want to be part of something bigger, something even better than what they have now. They’re maybe 5 to 10 years away from retirement or exit. If that sounds like you, then why would you even hesitate? Why not contact us right away and find out more?

Our AmeriVet Experience – Real Talk from Six AmeriVet Partners

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Interested in discovering the value of your veterinary practice? A member of our partnership team can help you with that.

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When you’re an AmeriVet Partner, you can take on the big, aggressive corporate chains with confidence. Because you’ll have the tools you need to compete and thrive in an ever-changing—and often volatile— marketplace. Then, when you decide to retire, AmeriVet will help you maximize your retirement proceeds.

Our Process has been perfected for our Partners.

We completely understand your hesitation and concerns about selling your practice. We get it—we really do! It’s why we approach it in a completely collaborative way. It’s you, us, plus legal and accounting professionals who get together to communicate, clarify, and simplify at every possible point. The goal is to make the transition both seamless and confidential. We want you to end up knowing that you have made the right decision, with absolutely no regrets.

YOU’LL GAIN BENEFITS OF SCALE—without giving up the heritage and culture within the practice you’ve built.

OPERATIONAL CONTROL: You’ve built a successful practice. It isn’t broken—and we see no need to fix it. We just want to help you grow it. You’ll keep your independence and do what you do so well: take care of pets and the owners who love them. We’ll take the burden of administrative responsibilities on. And give you support and guidance when you need it.

INCREASED INCOME: Our operations team will enable, enhance, and elevate your business. We’ll help you take it to the next level—and likely even higher than you ever dreamed possible.

Let’s compare.

Let’s compare.

Here’s the business model other corporations typically use:

100% of your practice is purchased on closing.

Your practice is rebranded and shaped to fit the consolidator’s image.

There is total integration into the Purchaser’s business model. The culture and heritage you’ve nurtured disappear.

As a veterinarian, you become an employee—nothing more.



Here’s the innovative business model AmeriVet has developed and uses:

Depending on whether you choose a Joint Venture (JV) or Top Company (Topco) model, we purchase your practice (or a portion of it). Either way, you still have an active role in growing the business and a vested interest in its future success.

You and AmeriVet come to an agreement on a sustainable EBITDA (the financial world’s acronym for Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, Amortization).

You earn compensation and work toward a premium multiple when you sell the remainder of your practice (JV) or when AmeriVet has a change of control event (Topco).

You retain control of clinical decisions and client care. The culture and heritage of your practice that you’ve nurtured is sustained and continues on.

We integrate your business model with our business process support. So you can focus on being that vet that pets and their people love.

We bet you’re wondering
about the purchase price and what goes with it, right?

Here’s how it works:

As a Partner, you’ll be able to…

  • Lock in a Valuation Multiple today.
  • Sell your business (or a portion of it) for a Cash Payment.
  • Continue to have Operational Control–just as you always have.

Now, if you’re looking to grow and enhance your profitability (and who isn’t?!) this should get your attention.

AmeriVet has both depth and breadth in terms of marketing and operational best practices expertise. With our input and guidance, you’ll be able to pick and choose value-enhancing tools that can greatly benefit your practice. These can be leveraged to enhance the profitability—and ultimate value—of your practice. Of course, this approach is not mandatory. However, a lot of our Partners have been more than pleased with the results, so we’d certainly encourage you to at least take a look-see at this array of options.