Veterinary Student Externship Opportunities

At AmeriVet, we want to help you gain experience to develop and strengthen your knowledge of veterinary medicine.

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You will gain hands-on experience, whether it’s through DVM externships (paid or school credit), continuing education opportunities, and/or campus initiatives. You will have guidance from doctors, credentialed veterinary technicians, and other veterinary specialists in our practices to guarantee your success through these externship programs!

AmeriVet Externships

We offer veterinary school credit or paid externship opportunities.

Our practices want to host you!

We offer school credit or paid externship opportunities. These externship experiences are typically two weeks long and allow you to gain hands-on experience. During this period, DVM students engage deeply with the real-world application of their theoretical knowledge in animal medicine. They not only work on practical tasks but also receive mentorship from seasoned professionals in the veterinary field. This interaction and clinical experience are invaluable for their growth and development in both personal and professional aspects of veterinary care.

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