Vet Tech Week Zoo Experience

Veterinary technicians are critical to the day-to-day function of our veterinary practices and play vital roles in preserving animal health and welfare. National Veterinary Technician Week provides an opportunity to recognize each veterinary technician’s contribution to the veterinary industry.

National Veterinary Technician Week

Although we value our veterinary technicians every day, during National Veterinary Technician Week AmeriVet honors their commitment to compassionate, high-quality veterinary care for all animals. Please join us in celebrating these important team members. First celebrated in 1993, National Veterinary Technician Week takes place in the third week of October every year.

Special Giveaway

Each year AmeriVet has incredible giveaways to award their veterinary technicians and
assistants. This year AmeriVet has a very special giveaway for 2 veterinary technicians who would like to apply that meet the following criteria:
  • Individuals must be a veterinary technician in an AmeriVet practice.
  • Individuals are available to travel on an all-expense-paid trip to San Antonio, TX to travel to the San Antonio Zoo for five days (December 6–10).
    • Trip Includes:
      • Day 1: Arrival in San Antonio
      • Day 2: a tour, behind-the-scenes VIP experiences, lunch with the zoo
        veterinarian and representative, and afternoon to explore the zoo
      • Day 3: Zoo Veterinary Hospital Shadowing Day with the veterinary care
      • Day 4: Fun day in Fredericksburg, Texas
      • Day 5: Depart from San Antonio

Attire will be closed-toed shoes and scrubs/jeans.

If interested in this wonderful opportunity of a lifetime, please fill out this application by October 19.

We will announce winners October 21.

If you know someone who would be a great candidate for this opportunity, please gather their responses to this application and submit it for them!

Zoo Vet Tech Week Application