Written By W. Scott Bailey – Senior Reporter, San Antonio Business Journal

Roughly 14 months after choosing San Antonio for its U.S. headquarters, AmeriVet Partners Management Inc. is contemplating its next move to accommodate significant growth in acquisitions and manpower.

AmeriVet buys a majority interest in and operates animal hospitals in the U.S. At this time last year, the company owned 22 hospitals in 11 states. It’s since grown that portfolio to more than 50 hospitals in 22 states. By the end of the year, AmeriVet CEO Thomas Thill expects the company to have a controlling interest in more than 60 hospitals.

“Each year, we should be able to add 30 to 40. So, it’s not unreasonable to think we will have 100 hospitals in the AmeriVet network by the end of next year,” Thill said.