We are growing and would like to welcome Gardner Animal Care Center in Gardner, MA into our family. Here’s what one of the co-owners, Dr. Brian Hurley, had to say about his experience:

“We ended an era that lasted over 29 years, to begin an exciting new era partnering with AmeriVet. The novel approach of forming a partnership with existing owners is what attracted me and my partner, Dr. Mike McTigue, to AmeriVet. Erin Rooney explained that the benefit of a partnership would allow us to increase our ability to practice medicine and minimize the headaches of running the office side of the business while maintaining a vested interest in what we worked so hard to develop. Her enthusiasm, professionalism, and integrity helped us make our decision at the right time.

The unexpected part of the partnership is their position of a strong commitment to our patients, the pet parents, the community and the team. A component that has been the driving force for both Dr. Mike and me from the beginning of the Gardner Animal Care Center. The AmeriVet veterinary practice management team, from top to bottom, has never wavered from this message. They consistently remind us, “We want you to do what you do best, and we will do what we do best. In the end, it is a win-win-win.” From day one it has been total transparency. There have not been any surprises.

Erin and the entire AmeriVet team continue their endless support and encouragement without the “Corporate” feel. The partnership continues to strengthen our commitment to the Family-Pet-Veterinary Bond and brings a deeper meaning to our motto, “Come Join Our Family-A Lifetime Relationship.”

Brian C. Hurley, DVM

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