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At AmeriVet, we make you our priority.
So you can focus on your own.

It’s natural to truly love some parts of your job – but merely put up with others. Maybe you thought you had no choice. But we’re here to tell you that you do.

We’re AmeriVet. We’re that genuine ‘unicorn’ of corporate partners. With us, it’s not all about taking over and dominating a veterinary practice. It is about collaborating and becoming true partners with veterinarians who own practices. We do this by supporting the business side of your practice.

How? That all depends on you! Our approach is not one-size-fits-all, so we customize the level of support we offer based on your practice’s individual needs – and your personal preference. If you want it, AmeriVet can offer you support in areas including – but not limited to – operations, marketing, recruitment, payroll, benefits administration, and training. Whatever the level of support we provide, we will work to take care of it efficiently, effectively – and profitably – for both you and us.

Intrigued? Keep going. You’ll learn how you can retain control of your practice and focus on caring for pets. You know—that thing you do love to do.

AmeriVet CEO
Thomas Thill.

He’s our visionary. Our leader. Our ‘man on a mission.’ He’s determined to build the foremost network of exceptional veterinary partners–while providing best-in-class resources to support their success. When you watch this video, you’ll get a glimpse into how and why we’ve made so much progress, so quickly.

Thomas Thill
Chief Executive Officer at
AmeriVet Partners Management, Inc.