We invest in every employee with a competitive salary, leadership training, and more! Our team is here to chat about your career goals and help you find the perfect match within the AmeriVet organization!

What we’re all about.

Founded in 2016, AmeriVet has developed a management style that allows vets to care for pets – what they do best! – while we provide administrative and business processes support to the entire team. Together, we are a fortunate group of people. We get to work in a field where people are truly passionate about what they do and make a difference in others’ lives every day. Feel the difference, see the difference at AmeriVet. Come join our team!

AmeriVet “Builders”

AmeriVet also looks for “Builders” who can help us identify and partner with other quality practices. A unique profit-sharing mechanism has been established to allow Builders to participate in the growth achieved through their efforts.

AmeriVet Partners Management, Inc. is a group of veterinary practices that have joined forces with a focus on growth and profitability. Our mission is to partner with ethical and high-quality practices across America.

A veterinary practice is a unique place. It combines the warmth of a community center, where animal lovers talk about their pets, the sense of purpose of a medical facility, where professionals work to prolong and enrich the lives of their patients, and the reward of working with a team of people who love what they do. We believe that veterinary practices are an integral part of the community they serve and as such we put a large focus on community-based activities and initiatives.

Open Positions:

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