The benefits of partnering with AmeriVet are simple. Veterinary Partners maximize the total proceeds resulting from the sale of their practices while maintaining day to day control until they ultimately exit. AmeriVet offers support to Veterinary Partners to help them grow and increase profitability, but will not force acquired clinics and staff to conform to standard operating procedures.

The Ideal Veterinary Partner

The veterinary market in the United States is rapidly consolidating. Large corporations with deep pockets are beginning to push out the little guys. The age of the independent veterinary practice is coming to an end.

The AmeriVet Veterinary Partner business model aims to combat the aggressive behavior of the large corporate chains by providing our Veterinary Partners with the tools they need to compete and thrive in an ever-changing marketplace. Our Veterinary Partners will benefit from being part of something “bigger” while retaining ownership and control of their practices. This is our value proposition:

Provide cash now while maximizing long-term wealth.

Maintain owner independence while providing administrative support.

Provide access to a network of vets and best practices.

The AmeriVet Veterinary Partner business model is unique in the industry. We are not looking to “acquire” veterinary practices, rather we are looking to partner with high-quality individuals who own veterinary practices. The ideal Veterinary Partner believes that he or she has some runway left. These Veterinary Partners are still looking to grow, want to maximize the total proceeds on the sale of their practices, and are not looking for a quick exit. Veterinary Partners who still have some gas in their tank and don’t want to leave money on the table. The AmeriVet business model allows Veterinary Partners to retain control, continue to grow their practices, and maximize their retirement proceeds.

The Benefits of Partnering with AmeriVet

Typical Structure

  • AmeriVet purchases majority interest of business
  • Practice Owners retains interest in business

Purchase Price (Closing)

  • Practice Owner and AmeriVet agree on “Sustainable EBITDA”
  • Purchase Price equal to the Acquisition Multiple x Sustainable EBITDA x % acquired

Operational Control

  • Practice Owner retains operational control

Enhanced Profit Sharing

  • Practice Owner receives % of profits

Ultimate Exit

  • Practice Owner receives premium multiple on Ultimate Exit

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