The Ideal Partner

We do not want simply to acquire veterinary practices—rather, we want to partner with high-quality individuals who own veterinary practices. Our ideal partner is still looking to grow, wants to increase cash flow, and wants to prepare for retirement in the near future. This partner wants to maximize the total proceeds on the sale of their practice and is not looking for a quick exit.

AmeriVet delivers value for our partners.

The AmeriVet business model allows Partner Owners to retain day-to-day operational control, continue to grow their practices, and maximize their retirement proceeds while AmeriVet supports and streamlines their business processes.

Provide cash now while maximizing long-term wealth.

Maintaining owner independence while providing administrative and business process support.

Providing access to a network of vets and industry best practices.

The Benefits of Partnering with AmeriVet

Typical Structure

  • AmeriVet purchases the majority interest of the practice.
  • The Partner Owner retains a minority interest in the business.

Purchase Price

  • The Partner Owner and AmeriVet agree on a sustainable EBITDA.
  • Partner Owner has an active role in growing the business and has a direct impact on their earning at selling point.

Operational Control

  • The Partner Owner retains day-to-day operational control.
  • AmeriVet integrates into the practice’s service model and provides administrative and business process support.

Enhanced Profit Sharing

  • The Partner Owner receives a percentage of profits.

Ultimate Exit

  • The Partner Owner receives a premium multiple on ultimate exit.

Selling Process

Selling a practice involves a collaborative effort among AmeriVet, the Owner, and legal and accounting professionals. Our experienced business development specialists will work with you throughout the selling process to ensure a seamless transition. We understand the importance of confidentiality and will ensure that all communications are kept in the strictest of confidence.


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