What We Do

AmeriVet Veterinary Partners, Inc. is a growing, collaborative group of business specialists and veterinary practices that have joined forces to focus on growth and profitability. We take care of business so vets can care for pets!
Our business model is simple. Our experienced team of merger and acquisition professionals identify and partner with quality veterinary practices across America. All of our Partner Owners retain a percentage of their businesses and benefit from enhanced profit-sharing plans while they remain owners. This provides our partners with the independence they’re looking for to practice and serve pets how they want to.
Operational Control
From an operational perspective, little changes for our Partner Owners, and what does change is up to them. They continue to retain control of the day-to-day operations of their practices, staff members are retained and systems remain unchanged. AmeriVet-acquired practices continue to operate in much the same way as they always have. From a customer perspective, businesses will look and feel the same as always.
Best Practices

The AmeriVet business model allows our Partner Owners to retain control of their practices while gaining support from being a part of a larger organization. Although participation is never mandatory; however, participating can make a huge difference in the competitive environment where corporate chains with large marketing budgets are beginning to squeeze smaller practices out of the market. We can share our industry-leading operational and marketing best practices with partners who have a desire to grow and enhance their profitability.

AmeriVet “Builders”

We at Amerivet Veterinary Partners are also looking for “Builders” who can help us to identify and partner with other quality practices. A unique profit sharing mechanism has been established to allow Builders to participate in the growth achieved through their efforts.

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